15. Dezember 2010

12 of 12 - verspätet

Da sich genau am 12. Dezember mein W-Lan verabschiedet hat, liefere ich euch heute meine
12 of 12
vom Dezember.

Diesmal ein Christmas-Special!

My Wi-Fi crashed on 12th Dezember.
So here are my pictures, a little bit late.
This time a Christmas Special! 

- ohne Worte-

Look out! Christmas!

MissA´s Adventkalender-Mädchen

There is no translation for "Adventkalender".
But I try to explain:
These are 24 little presents. You open one every day till christmas!

Mein erstes Weihnachtsgeschenk!

First Christmas present I got.

Heiße Schokolade für kalte Tage im Advent.

Hot Chocolate for cold days!

Und zuletzt noch ein Selbstportrait.

Last but not least my selfportrait.


Weitere 12 of 12 HIER und HIER.

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  1. I LOVE those chocolate stars! They are so simple, but so beautiful. I bet they are super yummy, too!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. calendrier de l'avent, in french, and advent calendar in english...
    and those chocolate look damn tempting!!!
    i see you're all set for the holidays.

  3. I'm glad you got your pictures uploaded Ursi, they are lovely. Thank you for the Christmas special :)

  4. Can I just say I love your pictures this month? So beautiful, so appropriate. The chocolate stars look really good. Merry Christmas.